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“[T]he message of Christ’s sacrifice is not ‘now I take it for you, you can screw it up again.’ No, it just opens the space for our struggle, and this is the paradox I like…To put it in very simple terms, Christ’s redemption doesn’t mean that, OK, now we can go watch hard-core movies because we are redeemed each time. No, it’s done, the Messiah is here, it’s done, means that the space is now open for struggle. It’s this nice paradox that the fact that the big thing happened does not mean it’s over. It precisely opens the space for struggle. This is what I find again so incredible.”

(Slavoj Zizek, “On Divine Self-Limitation and Revolutionary Love: An Interview,” Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, Spring 2004)


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“It is in some conception of the nature of God that every doctrine of the Atonement has its ultimate ground.” (Gustaf Aulen, Christus Victor, p. 29)

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