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MacIntyre“To anyone who wishes to argue with one about religion one can then only take the argument in cogent, logical terms as far back as his own first principles will allow.  But because there comes a point at which such argument must cease, it does not follow that there is nothing more to say.  It is no accident that the religious autobiography is a classic form of theological writing for this shows us how a man comes by the premises from which he argues.  It goes behind the argument to the arguer.  St. Augustine’s Confessions are the classic document here.  Thus it is not mere pious moralizing which connects the rise of unbelief with a lowering of the quality of Christian life.  Where the Christian community is incapable of producing lives such as those of the saints, the premises from which it argues will appear rootless and arbitrary…What we know about God we do not learn from philosophy.  All that the philosophers can hope to do is to clear up misconceptions and by so doing partly neutralize the acids of skepticism.” (Alasdair MacIntyreDifficulties in Christian Belief, p. 118)


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